Vanja (VJ) Terzic


Helping people help people. That is VJ’s goal as a business consultant and facilitator. He seeks to support those that feel underserved in Canadian culture and society, who are leveraging business to financial sustainability, belonging, and societal growth. This includes working directly with entrepreneurs, executives, and with organizations.

Being born in Yugoslavia, a country once prosperous yet now divided, has shaped VJ’s worldview and instilled in him the values of peace, humour, integrity, and humility. An engineer, turned project manager, turned entrepreneur, he brings with him strong project management, analytical, and interpersonal skills. He especially values a human-centered approach, recognizing the importance of understanding and serving a diverse audience. 

VJ’s consulting and facilitation philosophy is based on an equity-centered approach. This encompasses a three-phase approach, creating an opportunity for deeper self-awareness, creasing understanding of the target audience, and exploring a harmonious overlap between the two. He strives to leave an impression such that participants feel a sense of safety, a sense of playfulness, and a sense of recognition. 

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