Gain meaningful insights into your operations and people practices so that you can make informed decisions that promote equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Collecting and analyzing data is crucial to identify barriers, design effective solutions, and measure progress.

Managing without data is like driving with your eyes closed

A data-informed approach provides objectivity and metrics for advancing equity, diversity, and inclusion. With data, we can assess the current landscape, build the case for change, prioritize high-impact initiatives and establish a baseline for continuous improvement. 

Inclusion and Demographic Insight Survey

Reliable data on the demographics and feelings of inclusion is core to any EDI program. Our survey will provide important insight into the stakeholder experience for specific demographic groups which will inform actions and provide important baseline data to measure progress going forward. 

Pay Gap Analysis

You can’t make systemic changes to ensure fair pay if you don’t have a clear grasp of what inequities there currently are. We use statistical modelling to calculate pay disparities between employees and groups. This highlights outliers for pay adjustments and opportunities for improvement. Learn more.

EDI Dashboards

Data can be messy and overwhelming if you don’t have a system to visualize it. We can end your spreadsheet nightmares by using your raw data to create dashboards that show you the trends and patterns you need to understand to guide your decision-making.

We help you make sense of messy data

People who enjoy sifting through, compiling, and analyzing messy data are a special breed. Lucky for you, our team includes data experts who are those types of people.

We use predictive analytics to examine your data and fill in gaps as needed. We can also advise you on how to improve your data gathering processes so that you are collecting just the information you need in the simplest and cleanest way possible.

Spend your time where it matters most – on HR

Let our analytics team of data scientists, technology experts, and HR professionals take care of the data. We’ll extract the information you have available and transform it into a useful and easy-to-understand visualization.

Our efficient and cost-effective model means that after the initial set up, your dashboard will continuously update as data is collected. This means you’ll always have access to up-to-date information to ensure you can gauge your progress towards equity, diversity, and inclusion in your workplace.

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