We partner with organizations to develop data-driven solutions for equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Using our proven methodology, we identify where you are compared to where you would like to be. Then, we work with you to design practical steps to get there and a way to measure progress along the way. 

Get the evidence-based advice you need to make real change

Every organization is at a different place in their journey towards equity, diversity, and inclusion. That’s why we tailor our training programs to make sure they are relevant to your unique company culture. Our trainings range from an hour to a full-day, and include education, discussion, and practical application of key concepts.

Organizational Diversity & Inclusion Audit

We use industry benchmarks and frameworks to identify your company’s current state of diversity and inclusion. Understanding your baseline is key to identifying the priority initiatives so that you can use your resources efficiently. This is also a critical step to get buy-in from leadership about the need for change, which can be a challenge when there is a different level of awareness among them.

Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion Strategy

We help you develop a strategic plan tailored for your organization’s unique situation, based on data and feedback gathered from your people and systems. A systematic approach will help you tackle the right issues at the right time.

Governance & Committee Structures

We support you in implementing your diversity and inclusion plan by using data to inform systemic changes in people processes such as recruitment, promotions, pay, and succession planning. We also advise on the best way to implement changes in operations, marketing, sales, and other areas relevant to your company.

Benchmarking & Reporting

Our data-driven approach creates sustainable change. We gather demographic and inclusion data from your organization to build dashboards that aid your decision-making. We produce actionable reports to establish a baseline, compare your practices with peers in your industry, and measure progress over time.

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