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How we help build stronger, more inclusive organizations

Wyle Baoween Inclusivity Training


You need to be aware of a problem before you can work to solve it. We facilitate safe dialogues about unconscious bias, privilege, and more. We know how to have the tough conversations that are needed, and we’ll give you the vocabulary and the confidence to have those conversations in your workplace too.


We work with leaders to help them identify what the current state of equity, diversity, and inclusion is compared to their desired state. Using a data-driven approach, we design actionable strategies to close the gap as well as ways to measure impact.

Inclusivity Analytics


Forward-thinking companies understand the importance of collecting and analyzing data to identify barriers, design effective solutions, and measure impact. Our data whizzes are here to help you make sense of messy data so that you can make informed decisions.

why Inclusivity?

We use data to assess where you’re at and draw on our deep industry experience to guide you to where you’d like to be. NO matter where in the journey towards equity, diversity, and inclusion your organization is, we provide solutions that are…





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