Considerations for employers when it comes to inclusive holiday policies and practices.


Employers who want to build welcoming, inclusive workspaces are turning their attention to holidays. Research shows that the standard calendar year of statutory holidays may commemorate events that are alienating for many team members, while overlooking days that are meaningful in their lives. Other employees might face barriers to participation or a sense of alienation around certain holidays or events.


As an increasing number of team members are seeking alternatives to the “one size fits all” approach, they must often navigate many complex factors. Employment law, HR policies, and organizational structures and cultures are all involved in how an organization approaches holidays.


At Inclusivity, we receive regular requests for guidance on how to address holidays and paid time off (PTO) in a more open and inclusive way. To help, we have created this resource guide to provide context and raise important considerations for companies and organizations looking to reevaluate their approach.