Description and Objectives

In today’s society, each of us has an identity that shapes how we see ourselves and others. Not only do our social norms and cultural backgrounds influence our experiences, they also set the course for how we view the world. This session equips participants with a robust and shared understanding of important equity, diversity and inclusion concepts and terminology. This will lay the groundwork for safe and productive conversations about building an inclusive culture going forward.

At the end of this session you will be able to:

  • Identify key concepts related to equity, diversity and inclusion.
  • Explain the difference between social equity and equality.
  • Explain how bias and discrimination create barriers to social equity.
  • Apply a framework to make our culture more inclusive.

Course Outline

  • Why Equity, Diversity and Inclusion is important
  • Equity vs. equality
  • Exploring dimensions of diversity
  • Understanding power as connected to privilege and marginalization
    • Discussion: Reflection on the pre-work and personal takeaways from the privilege quiz to gain a better cross-cultural understanding of the experiences of others and their own world view.
  • Four types of discrimination
  • How different groups are impacted
    • Discussion: Application of your understanding of equity, diversity, inclusion concepts and systemic discrimination to their work experience by identifying real and potential examples and risk factors.
  • Our two-systems of thinking
  • Common Biases in the workplace
  • The impact of stereotypes and microaggressions at work
    • Discussion: Reflecting on relevant examples of how particular common biases show up in the workplace.
  • A framework for managing bias and allyship: Acknowledge, Learn, Act
  • Leaning into inclusion: Humility, Curiosity, Courage and Commitmen
    • Discussion: Identify a key action item for your own growth in how to manage unconscious bias and support allyship. You will make a three-step commitment/action plan for developing this muscle and contributing to an inclusive environment